Whitney and her spouse, Carlos.

Rev. Dr. Whitney with her dissertation.


I believe in God as community:
        Creator, Child, Spirit.
I believe that belief is in and of itself
        a gift of the Spirit,
                nurtured in grace, fed with hope, appreciated through trial.
I believe scripture is the word of God, and as God’s first word we have                                                                       
        was “Light,”
                I believe scripture is meant to enlighten, and bring life,
                not death, or fear, or hatred.
I believe we humans are made in the image of God
        bearing her goodness even in our
 And I do believe we fail (which is another word for sin),
        mainly in mistaking God for our own
                face, privilege, politics, indoctrinations, and comfortable      
But mostly, I believe that grace has the
        final word.
I believe Jesus was God’s child
        born of a brave woman who sang a song of lifting up the
                lowly and bringing
                                the proud and powerful.
I believe Jesus sang his mother’s song all his life, even in his death,
        and that resurrection means he will never stop
                healing, redeeming, and restoring.
I believe in a church I do not always see
        where a wild Spirit is poured equally on all
        where disaster is met with broken bread
        and division is met with a common cup.
I believe this church has some help (God knows we need it)
        and thus ministry is so much more than who’s speaking,
                what the carpet looks like, or
                        marketing the church into artificial immortality.
The church is Spirit-breathed, fallible you and me, and about the
        gospel work of
                walls being recognized for what they are
                        and then coming down,
                and one new, messy humanity to show that
        on the other side of death and chaos
God speaks that word again and again:
and all creation is baptized with the radical hope that
        God is with
        are with each other.
We are not alone.


Sermon on Matthew 22:1-14 “The Kingdom and the Kindom” preached for Duke Divinity School.
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Sermon (Facebook video) on Proverbs 31 entitled “Her Worth.” Preached at Bentwood Trail Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas on September 19, 2021 (begins at 22:38).

Sermon (written text) on John 6:1-21 entitled “Gather Up the Fragments.”


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